OHIP covers the entire cost of your premium vasectomy at Gentle Procedures Toronto.

You can get your no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy at no cost to you.

Our Toronto vasectomy clinics offer these features:

  1. Premium No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy fully covered by OHIP.
  2. Option of single visit consult & procedure also fully covered by OHIP.
  3. No add-on fees. $0 out-of-pocket for you.
  4. Simple online-registration – Register now and we will call you back to schedule – fast.

Premium Service – No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy – No Charge

vasectomy cost - how much in toronto and in ontario with ohip?OHIP covers the basic cost of a vasectomy and at Gentle Procedures Toronto we provide a premium service at no additional charge. If your OHIP card is expired you can renew it here.

You will have our no-scalpel, no-needle, single-puncture, minimally invasive, gentle touch vasectomy – and the price is $0.

A vasectomy is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure. Get the optimal experience by choosing Gentle Procedures Toronto Vasectomy Clinic.

Gentle Procedures Toronto Premium Vasectomy Benefits

  1. No-Needle Anaesthesia to improve your comfort, reduce your anxiety, and reduce the risk of puncturing a blood vessel during the freezing of your scrotum.
  2. All procedures performed by an experience Urologist – Dr. Roland Sing – who has a 5 star rating on RateMDs from Toronto vasectomy clients.
  3. Comfortable modern clinic facilities centrally located in North York and Mississauga, Ontario for easy access.

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Book Your Vasectomy Appointment

Please send us your contact details via the Registration Form or the Appointment Form and we will call you back to answer your questions and schedule your appointment.

You will be asked to provide a $250 deposit by credit card to hold your booking. If you do not show up for your appointment, or if you cancel within 5 business days of your procedure, you will be charged a $250 cancellation fee. The deposit is fully refunded on the day of your procedure. Changes to your appointment date within 5 business days of the procedure incur a $50 re-booking fee.

Before you book your procedure we will need a referral letter from a doctor, and this must be faxed to us at 416-551-7171. If you don’t have a family doctor you can get a referral from a walk-in clinic, or just let us know if we can direct you to a clinic near you.

Vasectomy Booking Options

Please contact us anytime by phone at 416-551-7070 or use the contact form for any questions.

You can use the Appointment Request Form to let us know you would like us to call you back to schedule for a consultation appointment, or a single-visit procedure & consult.

You may also go ahead and register online if you have a few minutes to complete a more detailed form that will save you some paperwork later in the clinic.

How Much is a Vasectomy in Toronto?

The price for your vasectomy in Ontario will depend upon what doctor and clinic you choose for your procedure. Some clinics will add on fees for uninsured ancillary services and options.

At our clinic, the price for your vasectomy is $0, as we offer a full premium service fully covered by OHIP.  You will be asked to provide a credit card deposit of $250 to hold your booking, which will be fully refunded the day of your procedure.



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Why do men prefer a Premium vasectomy?

For something that is so life-changing, we want to provide the safest, most convenient and most comfortable way of getting the job done. We are not satisfied with the basic standard of care and strive to go beyond that, especially for something as important as getting a vasectomy. That is why we provide a Premium vasectomy to address the concerns our patients have while providing the highest quality care available.

No Needle in the Scrotum

Men do not like needles or sharp objects of any sort down there. With Premium, we eliminate the need for a needle for freezing the scrotum by using a specialized spray applicator. This device uses air pressure to spray a fine stream of anesthetic (0.1 cc/injection) through the skin, freezing both the skin and vas deferens at the same time.

With this method no sharp object physically enters the scrotum, so there is less risk of puncturing a blood vessel, it reduces patient anxiety which helps relax the scrotum so there is less uncomfortable tugging and pulling during the procedure, patients report less pain during freezing, and it also reduces the procedure length since less time is spent controlling bleeding or managing local hematoma from the needle.

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$0 Cost for a Premium Service Vasectomy – It’s a no-brainer.

We are proud to provide an exceptional level of service with no cost for our clients. The choice to get a fast and virtually painless vasectomy experience is a simple one.

Most of our patients say “I am going to do this once in my life, I want to have the simplest, most convenient and most comfortable option available.” Our patients indicate to us that when they consider the fact that they can get a virtually painless procedure for no charge it “just makes sense” to choose Gentle Procedures Toronto for their once-in-a-lifetime vasectomy procedure.

Consultation Before Vasectomy Surgery

Prior to your vasectomy surgery you will have a consultation with Dr. Sing. This can be done prior to your procedure during the same visit to our clinic – or you can schedule a separate consultation appointment if you prefer.

Either way, there is no charge to you for the consultation or for the vasectomy procedure.

Single Visit Vasectomy to Save You Time

If you choose the single-visit option you will not come to the clinic until the day of your procedure, and Dr. Sing will review the procedure with you prior to your surgery, as well as conduct a physical exam.

There is a small chance that the results of the exam or consult will lead us to defer your procedure, but this occurs in a very small portion of all cases.

Otherwise, you will have two appointments – first a consultation and then your procedure on a separate visit. Please go ahead and request an appointment now if you are ready.

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