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how much is cirumcision in toronto, ontario?Circumcision is not generally covered by provincial health programs in any Canadian province.

The price for a circumcision at our Toronto clinic will be determined primarily by the patient’s age.

To get the precise cost of a circumcision for your son, or for yourself, please use the Cost Confirmation Request form.

Below on this page you can find standard pricing for infant and adult circumcision.

Pricing includes all supplies and fees. There are no extra charges at Gentle Procedures.

Infant Circumcision is Not Covered by OHIP

In the province of Ontario, OHIP does not cover routine infant circumcision. In fact, the same standard applies for circumcision for boys or men of any age.

Only circumcision procedures that are deemed to be medically necessary are covered by OHIP with Toronto doctors.

You can request a circumcision appointment now for your son or for yourself. You do not need a referral from your family physician.

You may submit the Cost Confirmation form here at right to get pricing info based on the age of the patient.

If, you have questions regarding the appropriateness of circumcision for your son (or yourself), or any questions regarding specific details of the process at our clinics, you may book a consultation with Dr. Sing before you decide whether to have the circumcision.

Please contact Gentle Procedures Toronto directly with questions, or for an appointment and we will call you back fast.


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How Much Does Circumcision Cost in Toronto?

Pricing for Infant Circumcision

The cost for circumcising a baby under 8 weeks of age is $289.

This includes the consultation, procedure, basic post-operative supplies, and ongoing support from Dr. Sing and his team.

The price increases with age. Please contact us by phone at 416-551-7070 or use the Cost Confirmation form to get the circumcision cost that applies in your case if your son is over 8 weeks of age.

Pricing for Adult Circumcision

The cost for adult circumcision with Dr. Sing at our Toronto clinic is $1499 including the consultation, procedure, basic post-operative supplies, and ongoing support from Dr. Sing and his team.

For adult circumcision, we recommend a consultation appointment as a first step. If you are considering getting circumcised as an adult, please book an appointment for a consultation so that Dr. Sing can review the procedure and outcomes with you before you finalize your decision.

Pricing for Boys & Teens

The cost for circumcising an older boy or adolescent will depend on the age of the child and on any complicating factors.

We recommend booking a consultation appointment as an initial step. If your son requires circumcision as a toddler, child, or teen it is best to review the situation with our doctor so that you can make a fully informed choice, and so that we can confirm how much the circumcision will cost.

Common Questions

How should we preparing for the procedure?

We will speak with you to confirm on how to prepare for the circumcision. For infants we recommend feeding your son before coming in for the procedure, and bringing along extra diapers.

We will also have you give him Tylenol before leaving home. This will be reviewed with you in detail, and you can ready more about the steps before your boy’s circumcision on the lower portion of the Procedure page.

How does payment work?

You will pay a $150 deposit when you book an infant circumcision, or $500 for an adult or teen procedure. The deposit will be applied against the cost of the circumcision and you will just pay the balance on the day of the procedure. Deposits are not refundable.

Do any Canadian provinces pay for circumcision?

At time of writing (2017), the only provincial jurisdiction in Canada know to cover routine male infant circumcision is Manitoba.

Different from other provinces, the government health insurance plan will pay the full cost of circumcision of a baby under 28 days of age.

In other provinces, including Ontario, the full price for non-medically necessary circumcision procedures is borne by the patient and their family.

Does OHIP cover baby circumcision?

Baby circumcision is not covered by Ontario public health. You will pay directly for your child’s procedure at our Toronto circumcision clinic. The price is the same whether or not you have OHIP coverage. We serve clients from all provinces and countries – and the cost is the same for all.

Does OHIP cover circumcision for adult men?

Adult circumcision done for personal or cosmetic reasons is not covered by OHIP. If you are considering getting circumcised at an adult age please book a consultation appointment with our doctor and we can assess whether your case could be classified as medically necessary and potentially be paid by insurance.

Almost all adult and teen circumcisions are paid for privately.
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