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Dr. Roland Sing, Urologist


Gentle Procedures Clinic offers:

  • Fast Friendly Booking
  • Safe and Reliable Surgical Care
  • Virtually Painless Procedures Under Long-Acting Anaesthetic
  • 24/7 Aftercare and Support
  • Experienced Urologist Performing All Procedures
  • Convenient Mississauga Location
  • Simple, All-Inclusive Circumcision Pricing
  • Free Vasectomy, Fully Covered by OHIP

Circumcision in Toronto with the Pollock Technique™

We perform male circumcision for newborn infants and baby boys up to one year of age. Our approach is fast and offers excellent cosmetic outcomes.

The virtually painless Pollock method practiced at our Toronto circumcision clinics includes the use of multiple anesthetics and short intervention times (just minutes for infants).

Our Toronto circumcision doctor was personally trained by Dr. Pollock in the application of his method.

Free No-Scalpel Vasectomy in Toronto*

Doctor Sing offers virtually painless no-scalpel vasectomy. Your vasectomy procedure will be performed by a urologist with decades of experience performing vasectomies.

OHIP covers the basic cost of vasectomy and we are proud to offer a no-scalpel vasectomy with no additional fees. Ontario men pay $0 for the procedure.

*Your vasectomy will be fully covered by OHIP.

Circumcision in Canada & the GTA

The Maternity Experiences Survey, conducted in 2006 by the Public Health Agency of Canada, found an average newborn circumcision rate of 31.9%, with rates over 40% in some provinces. 

In cities like Toronto the rate is influenced by the number of circumcisions within the Muslim community, and many clients come to Gentle Procedures because our procedure fulfills the requirements of Islamic circumcision.

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What is the Pollock Method?

The Pollock Technique™ for circumcision is a virtually painless method involving the use of a Mogen clamp under long-acting anesthetic. Learn more by clicking below. Contact us anytime at our Toronto circumcision clinic, and we will be pleased to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.

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